A Letchworth Park

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American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society. Twelfth Annual Report of the To the Legislature of the State of New York, Transmitted to the Legislature, April 26, 1907, Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, State Printers, 1907.

This report of the Society which originally ran the Park contains a wealth of information about the Letchworth and the Park's early years.

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society. Scenic and Historic America, Bulletin of the ASHPS, Vol 1, No. 2, June 1929.

This bulletin of the ASHPS has several articles on the Park which chronicle early developments and directions.

American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society Records, Manuscript and Archives Division, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations.

This is the repository for the extensive records of the ASHPS, including those relating to Letchworth Park (1906-1930).

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills. Genesee Echoes. Dansville NY: F A Owens Publishing Co, 1956.

This is the classic for Letchworth Park History. Mrs. Anderson was devoted to saving the Park History - she grew up at Lee's Landing and went to school in Mr. Letchworth's school house. Everyone who wants to explore Letchworth Park History should get this. It has been republished and is available in the Park area.

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills. Genesee Memories and the Flood of '72. Dalton NY: Burt's Printing Service, 1974.

In addition to material relating to the Flood of 1972 in the Valley, this pamphlet contains additional information not found in her Genesee Echoes.

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills. Genesee Valley Canal. n.p, n.d.

This booklet is one of several on the Genesee Valley Canal. It has some good local information relating to the Park area and good maps and illustrations.

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills. Gibsonville, The Vanished Village. Dalton NY: Burt's Printing Service, 1976.

A small booklet, but packed with information on Gibsonville and the surrounding area. Includes maps and photographs.

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills.School Days in Genesee Falls". 1984.

Mrs. Anderson attended the old one room school in Letchworth Park - her memories and other research are shared in the booklet.

Anderson, Mildred Lee Hills. St. Helena Ghost Town of the Genesee 1797-1954. Dalton NY: Burt's Printing Service, 1970.

Another fine booklet by Mrs. Anderson containing a wealth of information on another one of Letchworth Park's "missing" villages. Contains a wealth of names and recollections of St. Helena residents.

Barnes, Katherine. The Glen Iris Story. Perry NY: Moxon Printing, 1973.

This small but interesting booklet was written by the woman who ran the Castile Historical House for many years. Out of print, but well worth hunting for!

Barnes, Katherine. Rainbow's End, The Story of Letchworth Park. Perry NY: Moxon Printing, 1967.

This booklet covers a little bit of everything, and does it well. There are chapters on geography, Mr. Letchworth's life, "Park Highlights" including material on the CCC and various celebrations held in the Park through the 1930's and 40's.

Bartlett, Ted. The Glen Iris Inn, Walking Tour Companion . Perry Herald, 2002(?)

This small booklet, sold at the Glen Iris Inn, provides a detailed look at the history and architecture of the Glen Iris.

Beale, Irene A. William P. Letchworth: A Man for Others. Geneseo NY: Chestnut Hill Press, 1982.

This modern biography deals with the personal side of Mr. Letchworth. It covers his life, work, and his love of the Glen.

Breslin, Thomas A, Thomas S. Cook, Russell A. Judkins, and Thomas C. Richens. Images of America: Letchworth State Park. Charleston NC, Arcadia Publishing, 2008

Over two hundred images, many not found on our website. Lots of great information! We strongly advise you to get a copy to take on your next visit to the Park! Available at the Park, Burlingham Books in Perry, andthrough Arcadia Publishing, Amazon.com, and BarnesandNoble.com. (Can you tell we co-authored the book?)

Bowen, Rev. J.R. Regimental History of the First New York Dragoons, Published by the author, 1900.

The standard history of one of the Regiments that trained on the Parade Grounds in Letchworth Park. Contains a roster of all members of the Regiment.

Cook, Thomas S. Images of America: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Letchworth State Park, Charleston N.C.. Arcadia Publishing, 2015

This book explores Letchworth Park's CCC experience and legacy. Over two hundred images document the four Letchworth Camps and describes camp life and work projects of the CCC in the Park.

Cook, Thomas S. Images of America: Nunda, Portage, and Genesee Falls, Charleston N.C.. Arcadia Publishing, 2011

The three falls of Letchworth State Park has been part of each of these three towns. This book weaves the Park's story with the development of the towns that border the original Park lands.

Chafe, Wallace. Seneca Language Dictionary. Salamanca City School District, 1983.

This and other Chafe works are excellent sources for Seneca words and terms. It contains Seneca to English and English to Seneca sections.

Darrah, William Culp. Stereo Views - A History of Stereographs in America and their Collection. Gettysburg PA: Times and News Publishing Co, 1964.

Darrah, William Culp. The World of Stereographs. Gettsyburg Pa: William Darrah Publisher, 1977.

This isn't directly related to the Park's History, but stereoviews are an extremely important source of history. Darrah's works are valuable to anyone interested in stereoviews. I like his earlier work the best, but the later work is easier to find.

Doty, Lockwood R. A History of Livingston County, NY. Jackson Michigan: W.J. VanDusen, Publisher, 1905.

Livingston is one of the two counties which border Letchworth Park. County Histories such as the 1905 Doty (there is an 1876 History by Lockwood L Doty) contain valuable information on the Park.

Ensminger, Scott A, A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park, 1991

Every fan of the many waterfalls in Letchworth Park should have a copy of this book, written in collaboration with the Park's naturalist, Doug Bassett. Every falls, large and small, seems to be included. It is available at the Park.

Farnsworth, Virginia Agnes Teeple, My Mother, My Father, and Me, on the Banks of the Genesee River, Nebraska: Morris Publishing, 1998.

The author of this delightful little book was born in 1902 on the Gardeau Flats. She shares her memories of her early life in the St. Helena area, telling stories and local history that she remembered. Very interesting reading! Please note - this book is available by contacting the family at meleuer@rochester.rr.com


Havens, L.C. Historical Sketch of the 136th New York Infantry 1862-1865. Dalton NY, Burts Printing Service. n.d.

This out of print pamphlet has a general history of the regiment and lists of members of each company.

Holton, Gladys R., The Genesee Valley Canal. Brockport, Stylus Graphics,1970.

An informative pamphlet on the history of the canal with good illustrations.

Howland, Henry R., The Caneadea Council House and its Last Council Fire. Perry NY: Perry Herald, reprinted 1953.

This pamphlet contains some general information on the Senecas, the Caneadea Council House, and Moses Van Campen. It is probably the most complete account of the 1872 Council Fire ceremony held on the Council Grounds in the Park. This was first published about eight years after Mr. Letchworth's death.

Howland, Henry R., A Guide to the Genesee Valley Museum and to the Objects of Historical Interest on the Council House Grounds. Glen Iris, Letchworth State Park, 1907.

This hard to find pamphlet is an actual guide book to the historical collections found on the Council Ground in the earliest years of the Park. It was probably commissioned by Mr. Letchworth himself and contains a complete description of the Genesee Valley Museum collections and the other artifacts and memorial trees on the Council Grounds.

Larned, J.N.. The Life and Work of William Pryor Letchworth. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co, 1912.

This biography was "authorized" by Mr. Letchworth. Formal and more difficult to read than Beale's, this original work has more depth.

Lyon, Florence. Come on Teacher.New York: Carlton Press, Inc. 1977

Miss Lyons was one of the teachers in the Letchworth School House and later wrote this book about her early teaching experiences. Much of it deals with her days at Letchworth.

Minutes of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the William Pryor Letchworth Memorial Association, May 26, 1915.

This small booklet provides interesting details of the early years of the Park and personal memories of Mr. Letchworth recounted by his friends.

New Century Atlas of Wyoming County New York, with Farm Records. Philadelphia: Century Map Co, 1902.

In addition to showing Mr. Letchworth's holdings in the town of Genesee Falls, this atlas contains a full page map of the Glen Iris Estate

New Topographical Atlas of Genesee and Wyoming Counties, New York. Philadelphia: Stone & Stewart Publishers. 1866.

This atlas is the first to show Letchworth's Glen Iris Estate. It also shows the the village of St. Helena.

Peer, Sherman. A Sketch of William Pryor Letchworth and Glen Iris. Genesee State Park Commission, 1956.

A short but interesting booklet covering Mr. Letchworth's life and some history of the Park. This booklet is still available in the Park (or should be) or in the Genesee Valley area.

Seaver, James. A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison...,New York : American Scenic & Historical Preservation Society. 1942 edition

This work was originally published in 1824 and has gone through numerous editions and at least one major revision. In 1842 Ebenezer Mix revised the original work, changing Seaver's original words, phrases, and spelling of many proper names. He also made correct several mistakes in dates. This revised narrative was used in the next fifteen editions, including four that Mr. Letchworth edited. Finally, in 1918, the original narrative was restored. The editions of 1918, 1925, 1929, 1932, and 1942 includes all the previous chapters added by Mix, Morgan, Letchworth and others, and extensive endnotes which provided an indepth story of Dehgenwanus' life. If you want to study the story, try to get your hands on one of these editions.

"Voices of the Glen", New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1911.

This is the second edition of a collection of poetry originally published in 1876 by William P Letchworth.




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