Pieces of the Past
Artifacts, Documents, and Primary Sources
from Letchworth Park History

The story of the Flood of 72 in Letchworth Park continues through the memories and photographs of Don and Norma Gibson.....


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At the Lower Falls.....


Photo 11  6/23/72

Photo 12  6/23/72
The Genesee is so full that the 70' Lower Falls are not evident; trail to the Middle Falls is on the right.

Steps and stone railing down
the Foot Bridge are on the right.

 Photo 13 6/22/72

 Photo 14 6/22/72

 Photo15 6/22/72

Photo 13 - River in the Flume flowing under the Foot Bridge; taken from the trail part way down to the Foot Bridge.

Photo 14 - The red arrow points to the Foot Brige over the Flume below Lower Falls.

Photo 15 - River covering steps and trail to the Foot Bridge; crest of water in distance is hitting the Foot Bridge

Photos 16 & 17 Foot Bridge below Lower Falls is pounded as the river rushed through the Flume: taken from Table Rock.

To get an idea of the amount of water going through the Flume, see the link shown below (use your back button to return)
the Flume and a modern view of the Lower Falls Foot Bridge.

Photo 16 6/23/72

The fact that the Foot Bridge withstood such a beating gives great credit to the Park stone mason, Ray Wolcott, and the CCC men who built the bridge.

Photo 17 6/23/72


Photo 18 6/23/72

Photo 18 - Water pounding Sugar Loaf as it leaves the Flume; taken from Table Rock

Photo 19 a&b Looking down - Table Rock is to the right, the white arrow points to the flume and footbridge in center, Sugar Loaf (red arrow) is on the left with water starting to flow around it.

Photo 20 - Water flowing around Sugar Loaf

The real photo postcard is taken from approximately the same location as photos 18-20 and is added to help demonstrate the depth and power of the flood waters. The Footbridge was not built untill the 1930's

Real Photo Post Card of Sugar Loaf and Table Rock

circa 1915

Photo 19 a  6/22/72
Photo 19 b 6/22/72
Photo 20 6/23/72

 Photo 21 6/22/72

 Photo 22 6/22/72

Water coming down river from
the Flume with Sugar Loaf on the left.

Looking down stream with
Sugar Loaf on the right



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