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Gardeau Reservation Survey Map 1798


Gardeau became the home of Mary Jemison or Dehgewanus when she fled with her family from Little Beardstown during the American invasion of 1779. Later the lands were set aside in the Big Tree Treaty of 1797 for her use. In the year following the treaty Joseph Ellicott and his crew went to the Genesee Valley to survey the tracts the Senecas had reserved. This survey map by Augustus Porter was completed at that time.

The image below is made from a photocopy of the map which, we believe, is in the Holland Land Company Records and was the map mentioned in Ellicott's report.

Also see Ellicott's description of the Gardeau Reservation, and the Minard map from 1897 showing the east half of the former reservation lands. A later photograph of the Gardeau area is also found in our Historic Photo Album.

Please note that the spelling, capitalization, and italics are as found in the published record.



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