Glimpses of the Past
People, Places, and Things in Letchworth Park History

Boyd - Parker Memorial
Sullivan's Monument

These two historic markers exist within the jurisdiction of the Genesee State Park Region but receive little public notice. In the event interest in the Revolutionary War surges there may well be more focus on these two features. The Boyd Parker Memorial is located on the south side of NYS Route 20A east of the hamlet of Cuylerville in Livingston County. The small public park is managed by the Geneseo Kiwanis by virtue of an agreement with the Park Region. Sullivan's Monument is so remote in the hills above Conesus Lake that it is virtually ignored. This is primarily because it is off the road and stands on a parcel of land sixty feet on a side. It is a rather plain stone obelisk and commemorates the march by General Sullivan on orders from George Washington to attack the Native Americans who were loyal to the British during that time of war for independence.

Two of Sullivan's men, Lieutenant Thomas Boyd and Sergeant Michael Parker were captured by the British and Senecas at a Groveland battle site during Sullivan's march and tortured and killed at the present day park location. The huge white oak at the park is reputed to be the actual "torture tree".

Our interest in these two sites is simply that William Pryor Letchworth was part of the effort that preserved these two sites as important historically as part of the rich fabric of development of Western New York. Mr. Letchworth was an active member in the Livingston County Historical Society as well as the Buffalo Historical Society and we owe much to his devotion to preserving a myriad of reminders of the past. Mr. Letchworth also served on the Wyoming County Monument Committee to honor Civil War veterans and one result of the committee work is the Monument at the intersection of Court and Main Streets in Warsaw. He also played an important role in the creation of the Dragoon Monument in the Park.

Tom Breslin

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