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Contemporary Accounts of Mary Jemison


When Mary Jemison or Dehgewanus lived in the Genesee Valley, she was well known to her pioneer neighbors and early travelers. Several who were acquainted with her set their memories of "The Old White Woman" down for future generations.

These accounts provide additional insights into Mary Jemison and her story. But these descriptions should not be taken as completely factual, for many were recorded long after Mary had died and often reflect the biases and prejudices of the individual who created them. As with all oral history, their importance is not only in the events or people they describe, but also in what they teach us about the people who told them and the times they lived in.

You will find below links to the text of these accounts. If you know of other contemporary accounts, we would be happy to add them to our site.

James Seaver's Account published 1824

H.A. Dudley's Account published 1893

William Munson's Account published 1905

Truman Stone's Account published 1918


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