Pieces of the Past
Artifacts, Documents, and Primary Sources
from Letchworth Park History

"Posing on the Porch" circa 1938

 When you visit the Glen Iris Inn in Letchworth Park you often find tourists relaxing on the porch. This isn't a new practice, for sitting on the front porch was a favorite pastime of Mr. Letchworth and his family and friends.

These images were purchased at a garage sale not far from the Park. Except for the label on one image of "June 1938" there is no other identification. (It does appear that at least a couple of the images were taken in the fall.) Some of the rustic furniture they are sitting on came from the Mr. Letchworth's time - you will also note that the porch is wooden, not the present day stone.

Although the individuals in the photographs are unknown, they have left us their memories of a visit to Letchworth and the Glen Iris almost seventy years ago. What photographs and memories do you have of the Park? You can share them through our Centennial Memory page!








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